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We are not your typical asphalt construction company. We tackle more than just driveways and parking lots; we pave trails, paths, sports courts, and more.

We are bonded, licensed, and insured, so rest easy you are protected. We pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness to make your paving project the smoothest and pleasant experience around.

asphalt resurfacing and asphalt repair in atlanta
Get ready to enjoy a beautiful, durable, and reliable asphalt surface that will withstand the test of time. When you are ready to replace your asphalt surface, we will recycle the materials to reduce your carbon footprint. 404-341-0219



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Parking lot repair Atlanta

When you are looking for a premier parking lot repair company, then look no further than Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving.

We pride ourselves on knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality. One way we do this is by taking our time, and by listening to your needs to thoroughly understand what you want and desire, then together, we choose the best option for you. 404-341-0219

When you are looking to drive more quality business to your location, improving your parking lot with an asphalt parking lot repair is a smart investment. Because your parking lot is often the first thing potential prospects and current customers see, having a well kept and new looking space gives a fantastic good impression. Furthermore, the absence of potholes and bumps helps keep driver frustration to a minimum, lessen vehicle damage, etc.

crack filling and pothole repair in atlanta
crack filling and ashpalt repair in atlanta

Cracks & crackfilling

Sometimes cracks left unattended will expand into potholes, and when harsh winter weather arises, it can leave your asphalt torn up and difficult for you or anyone else to navigate.

A poor patching job will end up costing you more money than you bargained for. Don’t worry; we are experts here at Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving and know how to patch your repairs properly.

We use two methods for patching:

The best method is referred to as a “dig out.” A dig out involves removing all the materials down to the stable base of the pothole and the immediate surrounding area. We then level out the base material, compact it back down – this provides a solid base. Then new surfacing materials and pavement asphalt are used to fill the hole. Then once again, it is further compacted professionally.

The second method for minor repairs is called “overlay patching.” This is used to repair surface problems that arise in the asphalt. Usually, this is the best type of patch when the base is not affected. Overlay patching requires the removal of loose and broken asphalt, leveling ruts, and depressions, and then new pavement is applied and compacted.

If your property needs asphalt repair or maintenance, call Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving today at 404-341-0219

Asphalt Maintenance and repair

The best way to prevent asphalt damage is by prevention, quality paving, and regular maintenance. As your premier Atlanta paving contractor, we provide durable and top-notch weather-resistant paving.

The best way to keep costly cracks from forming is by following good crack filling and crack sealing maintenance techniques. When you get the cracks early or when the asphalt is still in decent condition, you are able to prevent your parking lot or driveway from developing potholes and craters that are costly to repair.

The aim of crack filling is to keep water from seeping into the cracks and penetrating into the asphalt, which causes further damage. Proper asphalt crack sealing prevents foreign particles and unwanted materials from entering prolonging damage. Most contractors use an eight-year hot-poured sealant to patch up cracks inexpensively.

We pride ourselves on tackling almost any size project. No job is too big or small. We have the necessary equipment and the best-trained staff to complete your parking lot, driveway, or any other asphalt project you can think of.

Are you building a new property, a new driveway, or in need of a new parking lot?

Look no further than Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving as your asphalt driveway replacement contractors. Whether you need commercial or residential driveways, parking lots, paths, sports courts, etc. we are your asphalt repair contractors.

If your driveway or other asphalt surfaces have cracks, potholes, or other defects, allow our experienced team to take care of these issues for you. We offer expert service to make your asphalt safe and functional again. Need driveway repair, parking lot repair, or other paving services; we are the people for the job. 404-341-0219

parking lot stripping in atlanta

We offer the following
Asphalt Concrete Solutions:

Asphalt Patching and Asphalt Repair

Proper asphalt patching is a process where a high-power saw is used to cut away damaged areas, then excavation to the base is performed. Before the repair process begins, we inspect the soil and base materials to make sure it is in good shape. Doing so ill make sure we preserve the life of your asphalt.

Once old damaged asphalt is removed, it is replaced with new asphalt patching that is smoothed over to look like new. We can provide short-term patches or long term repairs to your asphalt parking lot, driveway, and more.

As you know, vehicles cause wear and tear on the pavement, which eventually leads to cracks and potholes in your asphalt. This makes for uncomfortable rides for you, your drivers, and customers. Asphalt damage also detracts from the look of your property and can cause vehicle damage.  

Don’t worry Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving has the experience and tools to handle high-quality asphalt repairs as your premier asphalt repair contractors.

Give us a chance to smooth out your ride and prevent much more extensive and costly problems from arising.

Parking Lot Striping - Pavement Striping

Now that you have your parking lot repaved, its time to get the striping. Leave it to the professionals at Atlanta Asphalt Paving to handle all your parking lot striping needs.

We not only handle parking lots and asphalt paving but also seal coating as well.  We will strip, mark, stencil, and paint your parking lot to your specifications, meeting OSHA and ADA requirements for safety and special needs. 404-341-0219

parking lot stripping and asphalt paving in atlanta

Pothole Repair

Potholes often upset customers and are a nuisance; they reduce the appeal of your property by turning a beautiful looking surface into an eyesore.

Worse, customer’s vehicles could become damaged, which may result in insurance claims and lost revenue.

Don’t let a small pothole lead to more significant problems. Give us a call today for timely and reasonable repair costs.

Protect your existing pavement with an Asphalt Overlay

When your existing asphalt has developed cracks or is damaged, you can use a simple asphalt overlay as a reasonable, cost-effective alternative to complete reconstruction.

This is a rather simple procedure for us that can be performed on small to large commercial driveways and lots.

Crack Filling & Crack Sealing

Sometimes cracks left unattended will expand into potholes, and when harsh winter weather arises, it can leave your asphalt torn up and difficult for you or anyone else to navigate.

A poor patching job will end up costing you more money than you bargained for. Don’t worry; we are experts here at Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving and know how to patch your repairs properly.

Filling cracks in your asphalt with quality crack sealants extends the life of your pavement, parking lot, and driveways. A little preservation can go a long way in extending the longevity of your property and reduce overall costs. Using crack sealants as prevention is a minimal expense that can make a huge difference overall.

Crack sealants and good driveway crack fillers stop water damage and prevent rapid destruction by creating a durable waterproof bond welding your pavement back together like new.

When you trust us to professionally seal your asphalt cracks, with crack sealants, or driveway crack sealants, your surfaces are improved for a better roadway driving experience.

Driveway Replacement Solutions

Whether you need your concrete or asphalt driveway repaired, we have the right solutions for you. If there are problems deep below the surface soon, they will rise to the surface and cause problems.

Have our number on speed dial for when the need arises. We provide speedy written estimates to your location on-site at your business. 404-341-0219

driveway asphalt paving and repair in atlanta


Do you need a work site prepped for paving? Let Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving handle your excavation needs so that you can get started on your project on time.

We also provide professional excavation services to prepare any construction sites.

When you need your construction site prepped for paving or any other construction needs, let us handle your excavation projects so you can get started with your project on time.

Crack Filling & Crack Sealing

If your driveway is starting to look bad with cracks or eroded sections, don’t worry. We repair concrete and asphalt driveways back to perfection.

If your commercial driveway is causing trouble for your customer’s vehicles and your equipment, then we got you covered.

If you need new asphalt, asphalt repair services, parking lot repair, or excavation, give us a call for a free estimate.

Sealcoating Atlanta

Sealcoating is a process that will give your driveway better protection against sun damage and other problems. Our asphalt sealcoating process will help keep your asphalt driveway in the best shape of its life, reducing the need to replace or repair costly cracks. 404-341-0219

Atlanta Asphalt Repair and Paving serves residential and commercial properties, parking lots, driveway, and more with professional asphalt installation seal coating, filling cracks in driveways, potholes, sunken spots, and service for other asphalt problems.

If you value experience and a strong commitment to quality, then consider us for your next project.

asphalt sealcoating in atlanta and its surrounding areas

Complete list of services:

Asphalt Paving

Parking Lot Repair

Asphalt Maintenance and Repair

Asphalt Patching and Asphalt Repair

Crack Filling and Crack Sealing

Driveway Repair

Driveway Replacement

Asphalt Overlay

Parking Lot Striping – Pavement Striping


Pothole Repair


Line Removal

HDC and DOT Signs

Parking Deck Cleaning

Concrete Coring And Repairs

Street Print Pavement Texturing

Thermoplastic Striping

Floor Etching

Warehouse Striping


Preformed Thermoplastic

Curbs and Sidewalks

Speed Bumps

Brick paving

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